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Electronic components from Alpha & Omega

Alpha & Omega


Alpha & Omega (ASO) operates its semi-alloy business in the US and produces its power semiconductors in Asia. The company was founded in 2000 and can continue to expand its business with other subsidiaries worldwide.

The strengths of Alpha & Omega lie in instrument physics, process technology and continuous optimization of product performance and costs. The products include power semiconductors, power MOSFETs and power IC. Power semiconductors are semiconductors that transmit, switch and manage electricity. Alpha & Omega is different from competitors through discrete and IC semiconductor process technology, as well as design and packaging. The company's innovative products can be found in notebooks, smartphones, battery packs, flat-panel TVs, industrial motorizations and LED lighting from well-known manufacturers.

Product portfolio of AOS:

  • Analog circuits
  • IGBTs
  • Power ICs
  • Intelligent Power Modules
  • Transisten Voltage Supressors


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Sales Management
Electronic components
Nadine Weber
Tel   +49 (0) 4101 / 79 91 21
Fax +49 (0) 4101 / 78 10 14
We are ISO certified:
ISO 9001
We are a member of:

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Neutral cross-linked silicone adhesive with low volatile content

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